Bro, Nampak Motor Gua 2013 Malaysian Movie


Bro, Nampak Motor Gua? Plot/Synopsis : Epol is in his own adventure to find his motorcycle back. His motorcycle was stolen by two thieves and Epol tries hard to find it back. Epol meet Azura, whose handbag was stolen by the same thieves! Unfortunately for Azura, in her hand contain a thumb drive that important for Tan Sri Bakhir, a wealthy businessman. Tan Sri Bakhir quickly offers Epol a sum of money; RM 50 000 if he finds the thieves and gives the thumb drive to the bank. Epol accepts the offer and his quest of finding his motorcycle and the thumb drive! Will he make it ? Wait for the answers in action comedy film ‘Bro! Nampak Motor Gua Tak?’

Bro, Nampak Motor Gua? 2013 Movie Details :

Director : Razif Rashid
Cast : Shah Rempit, Fadzil Zahari, Along Cham, Mon Ryanti, Along Eyzendy
Genre : Comedy
Running Time : 80 Minutes
Language : Malay
Release Date : 30 May 2013