Tae Joo Na And Jae Hyeon Jo In The Kick 2011 Movie

action packed movie – the kick 2011

Hello. this is another good martial art action movie after raid redemption. First, let me remind that the plot is totally chaos, it is bit interesting at first when the family coincidentally helped to stop the robbery. but it kind of dragging after that when the enemy boss try to revenge the family. still, the continuous martial art fight is really been done brilliantly. and the effect CGI for some scene is totally ridiculous but tolerable.
I do not weather the story is from Korea or Thailand but they shooting in Thailand, there are Bangkok Zoo appear on this film. so i guess is Thailand film. Besides tae-kwan-do, there are also muay thai martial art.
I really enjoy the dance tae kwan do fight show by Tae Yang ( Tae Joo Na ) when he fight against the enemy, but really all the fight scene is great!
enemy boss – Kwan Hun Lee

Tae Joo Na as Tae Yang

Jae Hyeon Jo as Moon 

family driving

Jae Hyeon Jo

Petchai Wongkamlao as Uncle Mum

Petchai Wongkamlao as Uncle Mum in the kick 2011

Tae Yang want to be a dancer!

Tae joo Na 

Tae Joo Na – dancing tae kwan do

Jae hyeon Jo

Kwan Hun Lee

Tae Joo Na

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