Super Spontan 2013 : Semut Sentap vs Ketam Konfius

super spontan 2013

Super Spontan : Semut Sentap vs Ketam Konfius press conference

About Super Spontan 2013

This is the new second season of Super Spontan after the first one won by Zizan Razak. There are two teams Semut Sentap and Ketam Konfius. Each team consist of 7 player and 1 manager. Super Spontan still using the same format and games as the previous season. Super Spontan will be aired started August 30 2013 on Astro Warna (channel 132) and Mustika HD (channel 134) at 10.00pm.

Details Super Spontan 2013

Semut Sentap Teammates – Johan Raja Lawak, Tauke Jambu, Ajak Shiro, Noorkhiriah, Jep Sepahtu, Eko SayWho and Rahim R2. Manager is Rashid Salleh.

semut sentap super spontan

Semut Sentap Teammates : Super Spontan

Ketam Konfius – Nabil Raja Lawak, Shuib Sepahtu, Almy Nadia, Along Raja Lawak, Yus Jambu, Suhaimi Yusof and Munir. Manager is Razif Hashim.

super spontan 2013

Ketam Konfius teammates : Super Spontan

Commentator – Afdlin Shauki, Harun Salim Bachik and Amir Raja Lawak (same as the previous season)

Host – Ray and Haniff from ERA (replaced Adibah Noor)

Super Spontan 2013 Promo

Bootcamp Super Spontan 2013

afdlin shauki

Afdlin Shauki at Super Spontan bootcamp

super spontan 2013

Bootcamp Super Spontan

Bootcamp super spontan 2013

Shuib Sepahtu, Munir and Afdlin Shauki

rahim and jep

Rahim and Jep Sepahtu at Super Spontan bootcamp

source : astro gempak and facebook page

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