Suami Aku Ustaz Movie

Nora Danish Adi Putra

Nora Danish and Adi Putra : Main lead in Suami Aku Ustaz Movie

Here is the new teaser of Suami Aku Ustaz : link

Storyline Suami Aku Ustaz Movie : Alisa is getting ‘secret’ married with her teacher, Ustaz Hafiz after her parents decide that she should have someone to guide her while they visit Mecca. Alisa though Ustaz Hafiz is complete opposite of her personality and how they can live together as husband and wife? This film is adaptation from a famous novel with the same title by Hannah Dhaniyah. You can read a few chapter of suami aku ustaz here – link.

image : link

Director : Ghaz Abu Bakar
Starring : Adi Putra, Nora Danish, Izzue Islam
Released date : Not Confirm yet
Shooting : Started on April this year
Facebook Page : Link

Suami aku Ustaz filming and Stills

Suami Aku Ustaz Film stills

Izzue Islam as Johan and Nora Danish as Alisa

Nora Danish drive boat

Nora Danish as Alisa in Suami Aku Ustaz

Suami aku ustaz movie adi putra

Adi Putra as Ustaz Hafiz

Suami aku ustaz

Nora Danish

Suami Aku Ustaz Movie

Adi Putra, Nora Danish and Izzue Islam in Suami Aku Ustaz

About : Nora Danish at shooting location for Suami Aku Ustaz. Nora Danish posted lot of short video at shooting location through her keek profile – link.


Nora Danish shoot fishing scene for the movie

nora danish in suami aku ustaz

Suami Aku Ustaz – Nora Danish fishing scene

Music Video Suami Aku Ustaz

Shooting of Music Video with Zizan Razak at Surabaya

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