Running Man 163 : Song Ji Hyo Heart Race

song ji hyo main character

Princess Ji Hyo episode 163.

Running Man 163 brought Song Ji Hyo as the main character. The running man member rarely treat Song Ji Hyo nicely in front of the camera (exception Kang Gary) to make the show funny and this episode it is nice to see Song Ji Hyo just settle down and making the guys do everything.

They also invites Daesung, G-Dragon and Seung-Ri to join them as guest and compete in variety of games; Power dance, rice field with bungee jump robe game, Knows Song Ji Hyo Princess, Skipping Rope above water and The Lucky Card games. I love the set up for the last game but it really is depend totally to luck. Rice field with bungee jump robe is the new games and I thinks it is one of the best games in Running Man. The funniest one must be at the Skipping Rope above water – the interference is at the new level. I laugh a lot every time they find new way to interfere the game.

Before going on more on spoiler stuff, let’s enjoy a video of Kim Jong Kook and Haha at 2011 SBS Special Stage singing December and Rosa. They even invites Lee Kwang So and Yoo Jae Suk in joining them perform.

Spoiler Running Man 163

The first kiss between Kang Gary and Song ji Hyo; well known as Monday Couple. When the first game the team need to impress Princess Ji Hyo with dance – Kang Gary totally use the chance he have. Lee Kwang So and Seung Ri also try to kiss Ji Hyo but was blocked away.

Kang Gary kiss

The first monday couple kiss : Kang Gary Song Ji Hyo sweet moment

seungri big bang guest

Seungri and Song Ji Hyo

lee kwang so and song ji hyo

Lee Kwang So try to kiss Song Ji Hyo

GD new style of Jumping Rope Landing. He did it two times and the other group protest to disqualify this kind of jumping rope. I am totally agree with them.

G-Dragon big bang rm guest

G-Dragon doing jumping rope 1#

g-dragon big bang member

G-Dragon doing jumping rope 2#

G-Dragon guest rm

G-Dragon doing jumping rope 3#

Mud Style

G-Dragon big bang member style

GD still showing good hair on paddy field

Daesung Big Bang Member style

Daesung Paddy Field Style

running man 163 paddy field

Running Man member with Big Bang at Paddy Field

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