Running Man 150 : Running Man Avengers

Yoo jae suk kim jong kook

Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Jong Kook – the two pillar of RM : image credit

Running Man 150 : Running Man is new gameshow with ‘nametag rip’ is their main theme. The gameshow has a lot of followers around the world. Running Man host is Yoo Jae Suk, Ji Suk Jin, Kim Jong Kok, Haha, Kang Gary, Song Ji Hyo and Lee Kwang Soo.

Theme : Running Man Avengers
Guest : Chansung (2PM), Ok Taecyeon (2PM), Choo Sung-hoon and Jung Du-hong

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by rhdqn01

어벤 by rhdqn01
Running Man 150 :
Not a good episode but still has it’s moment. They used Avengers as their themed but maybe because the themed is too big – they can’t deliver it well. But I like Dong Wan FD as Dong Fury, he last assessment with Lee Kwang So also funny and enjoyable. Kim Jong Kook died boringly. Haha.

I like it when Chun Song only used one hand to fight with Ace Ji Hyo – The only one who doing more good job after 150 episodes. Gary got useless power with the Net. Haha has a good power but not brave enough to attack relentlessly like Tony Stark will do. Ji Suk Jin using his power well but he can use it only at one time – it is not easy to increase your heart rate. Lee Kwang So cannot aim well and Kim Jong Kook still died boringly.

However, the paintball game is fun to watch and to watch the stuntman do all their stun is enjoyable. I waited for the episode like the old one where the teams really wanted to make The Sparta out and doing everything they can to rip his name tag – like everyone clinging on him, just to stop him.

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