Parenthood Season 4 Review

Parenthood, Miles Heizer, Mae Whitman
Parenthood Season 4
Hello. At last, I watching all episode of Parenthood season 4. It was felt good to watch the series, how the drama and the family of Braverman evolved. If you searching for good acting, reliable story line with great setting drama series, parenthood should be on your list.

Peter Krause, Monica Potter
Adam and Christina has get through Christina’s Cancer
Adam ( Peter Krause ) and Christina ( Monica Potter ) has to get through Cristina’s cancer and they still have to be patience with Max condition. Max became a president of student council after winning the election with his brave speech. Haddie going to college, so there are no story about her this season. We can see how terrible and brave the person who going through cancer and Monica Potter did the character very well and Peter Krause also good as the responsible and loving husband.
Dax Sheppard, Joy Bryant, Tyree Brown
Crosby and Jasmine has to put through with Jasmine’s Mother
Crosby (Max Speppard ) has to be patience with Jasmine’s mother after she coming and live with him. They always argue especially on how they raise Jabbar. Crosby wanted to do it his way, but Jasmine mother always judge them but for me she is right thought. I always like the storyline when parents involve. At the end of the season, Jasmine tell Crosby that she pregnant.
Sam Jaeger, Savannah Paige Rae, Erika Christesen, Xolo Mriduena
Julia and Joel adopt a kid named Victor

One of great stroy line on the show for this season is to watch Julia and Joel get attached with their new adoption child, Victor. Victor on the other hand always rebel especially against Julia, the boy did a good job there. Julia and Joel also has to be fair with their other children, Sydney. She is too cute when she pout after being neglected when Victor arrived.

Mae Whitman and Matt Lauria
Love story of Amber Holt ( Mae Whitman ) and Ryan York ( Matt Lauria ) also the main focus on this season. I like what they do with Ryan character and how Amber stick to him through all the challenge from the war.
This is fabulous series with a lot of great, positive and uplifting moment. Hope the series get renew for the next season. The rating also seem stable. Read 5 Reason why the series should be renew.

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