Oh Mak Kau (O.M.K) Malaysian Movie 2013

Oh Mak Kau 2013 Malaysian Movie poster

Oh Mak Kau (OMK) Movie Poster

Oh Mak Kau Plot : Young director Nurul Ain Nordin makes her directorial debut with the action comedy film “O.M.K (Oh Mak Kau!)”! Sam and Mun work with their mother, Mama San as poultry suppliers at the market. However, Sam and Mun’s habit of stealing constantly brings trouble into their lives, if only because they are not good at it. Every time the duo goes off to rob a house, they dress up as various characters and spend time cleaning their victim’s home. This drives Mama San crazy. If their shenanigans are not bad enough, when Que, a fellow villager who left for the city returns to their village, Sam and Mun both vie for her affections. Meanwhile, Embun and his gang of thugs are threatened by Que’s presence as he sees Que as a rival. They kidnap Que and bring her to meet their leader, Lutfan. Will Sam and Mun be able to put aside their rivalry and sticky fingers to save Que?

Producer : Star Scope Production
Director : Nurul Ain Nordin
Cast : Nurul Ain Nordin, Jepp Sepahtu, Shuib Sepahtu, Syamsul Yusof
Genre : Action Comedy
Running Time : 90 Minutes
Release Date : May 16 2013

Jepp Sepahtu, Shuib Sepahtu, Ain Nordin, Syamsul Yusof

Oh Mak Kau Movie Star and Character

Oh Mak Kau Trailer :


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