Misiku Kuza Drama by Radius One Production

Misiku Kuza 2013 Malaysia Drama

Misiku Kuza : Arja Lee as Dr Aaron

Misiku Kuza Drama Story Line : A new hyperactive and ambitious nurse, Kuza working at the private hospital started his first day by fighting with the head son’s doctor named Dr Aaron. This is leads to misunderstanding between the two of them. Dr. Aaron is an arrogant and hot-tempered doctor. Because of the fight – he bully Kuza every chance he got. Without knowing, they started to fall for each other.

Airiel is a patient at the hospital, also Dr.Aaron’s brother. He was involve in an accident two month ago – lost his girlfriend and walking ability. He always making scene with the nurse at the hospital making his relationship with his brother worst. After one bad situation, Kuza ended up being Airiel’s personal nurse.

Erin Malik Misiku Kuza Malaysia Drama

Erin Malik as Kuza in Misiku Kuza 2013

This is a very good drama from Radius One production. I already watched until episode 6 where Kuza just started being Airiel’s personal nurse. The story is real funny to watch and the character is likeable. Just don’t watch it for doctor-nurse-patient drama because they do it terrible in that area, but watch it for romantic comedy genre which is totally spot on. We all starting with not liking Dr.Aaron because of his short-tempered but it is not that bad that we will always hate the character, there are development where we found out why he behave like that.

This 13 episodes drama was aired every monday (10pm) at astro ria.

Hairul Azreen Misiku Kuza 2013 Drama

Hairul Azreen as Airiel in Misiku Kuza

Misiku Kuza Faralyna Idris Malaysia Drama

Faralyna Idris as Amylia in Misiku Kuza 2013

Misiku Kuza rafe sumantri adik nur erika hurairah noryati taib

Supported actor in Misiku Kuza

sherry abdullah hiera hassan zulin aziz muaz aydil misiku kuza

support actor in misiku kuza 2013

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