Longkai 2013 Malaysia Movie

longkai poster

Longkai Movie Poster

Longkai 2013 Malaysia Movie Plot

Eddie and Bada are two brothers who work at a towtruck company. The brothers will always send the vehicles they have towed to Rimau’s garage. Rimau is a woman with a tough-as-nails attitude who secretly loves Bada. Mojo and Bayam are Eddie and Bada’s rivals from another towtruck company. Mojo would rather die than make peace with the brothers, but his younger sister, Soraya, is in love with Eddie. The characters’ relationship become even more complicated when a mysterious woman only known as Zarina shows up at Rimau’s garage one day.

Longkai 2013 Movie Details

Genre: Action / Romance
General Release Date: October 10 2013
Distributor: Metrowealth
Cast: Faizal Hussein, Niezam Zaidi, Erra Fazira, Wawa Zainal, Dira Abu Zahar, Zul Handyblack, Along Eyzendy, Mohd Mikail Andre b Nazrul Andre
Director: Hashim Rejab

Longkai Movie Trailer

Longkai 2013 Movie Poster

Longkai movie poster niezam zaidi wawa zainal

Longkai Movie Poster Promo – in cinema October 10 2013

faizal hussein niezam zaidi erra fazira

Faizal Hussein, Niezam Zaidi and Erra Fazira in Longkai film

along eyzendy

Along Eyzendy in Longkai film 2013

longkai movie poster

Longkai Poster with Faizal Hussein and Niezam Zaidi

Interview Longkai Movie

with Faizal Hussein


with Faizal Hussein, Erra Fazira and Dira Abu Zahar

Longkai 2013 Movie Stills and Others

faizal hussein dira abu zahar

Faizal Hussein with Dira Abu Zahar in Longkai 2013

Faizal Hussein Erra Fazira

Faizal Hussein and Erra Fazira in Longkai Malaysia Film


Niezam, Wawa Zainal and Faizal Hussein will be in Longkai movie 2013

Update : Longkai Film Premiere Night

longkai movie

Star an crew of Longkai 2013 Movie – premiere night!

faizal hussein

Faizal Hussein – main lead in Longkai 2013 movie

along eyzendi

Along Eyzendi in Longkai film 2013

longkai 2013

Star in Longkai 2013 Movie

niezam zaidi

Niezam Zaidi in Longkai Movie 2013

hasyim rejab

Director – Hasyim Rejab

david teo

Producer – David Teo

teh hamdan

Teh Hamdan at Longkai film 2013 Premiere

adam af

Adam at Longkai 2013 Movie premiere

farah azureen

Farah Azureen at Longkai Film premiere

syazleen nawi

Syazleen Nawi at Longkai film premiere

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