Lawak Ke Der 2

hariz iskander, harun salim bachik, zizan, nabil, afdlin shauki, johanhans isaac, nabil, johan, afdlin shauki, harun salim bachikjozan hans isaac, hariz iskander, nabil, afdlin shauki  nabil lawak ke der style  boboi

Hi. Just wacthing Lawak Ke Der 2. It is fun and enjoyable to watch. Nabil started the show with his Lawak Ke Der Style ( parody for gangnam style ), following by Boboi with the Pontianak jokes. Jozan take the stage with their part 1 show about a girl who trying to get money from both her boyfriend, Hariz Iskander gives a brilliant stand up comedy/performance. Boboi and Nabil together do their airplane sketch ( the best one! ) and the last one with Jozan for the conclusion of their story.

watch online lawak ke der 2 here

Details on Lawak Ke Der 2 :

Director : Hans Isaac
Genre : Comedy
Runtime : 108 Minutes
Star : Johan, Zizan ( Jozan ), Afdlin Shauki, Harun Salim Bachik ( BoBoi ), Nabil and Hariz Iskander
Release Date : 7 March 2013

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