Lari 2013 Malaysia Movie

Aaron Aziz fight scene

Aaron Aziz in Lari 2013 Movie

Lari 2013 Movie Details :
Classification: P13
Genre: Action
General Release Date: 06 Jun 2013
Running Time: 1 Hour 22 Minutes
Distributor: Excellent Pictures Sdn Bhd
Cast: Aaron Aziz, Dira Abu Zahar, Erin Malek, Hazama Azmi, Ery Putra
Director: Ahmad Idham
Ofiicial Facebook : Lari Pages

Lari 2013 Movie Plot : “Lari” tells the story of Khalif, who is in love with Maya, but has to leave her when their relationship faces opposition from his family as he decides to be a soldier. While Khalif is gone, Maya is wedded to KJ. After seven years apart, Khalif returns to his hometown when he receives news of his father’s death. Upon his return, Khalif is surprised to find out that his younger sister has gone missing. Maya, who is coincidentally facing a domestic crisis with her husband, takes the opportunity to run away by helping Khalif find his sister, thus begins Khalif’s dangerous and action-packed journey to find his sister, who has been taken by female slave traders.

Lari 2013 Movie Trailers :

Lari 2013 Movie OST – Hazama & Sleeq :

Aaron Aziz Promote & Interview Lari 2013 Movie :

Image of the promotion at Bukit Jalil can be seen here : runwitme

aaron aziz

Aaron Aziz in Lari Movie 2013

aaron aziz and dira abu zahar

Lari 2013 movie

Aaron Aziz fight scene

Aaron Aziz in Lari Movie 2013

Aaron Azizi Fight Scene

Aaron Aziz Film Lari 2013

Erin Malik

Erin Malik in Lari 2013 Movie

Ery Putra

Ery Putra in Lari 2013 Movie

Hazama Azmi AF

Hazama Azmi in Lari 2013 Movie

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