Laki Laki 2013 Movie

Release Date: December 19 2013
Director: Ahmad Rusli (Ollynn)
Producer: MIG Pictures Sdn. Bhd
Star : Angah Raja Lawak, Zul Handyblack, Adey Syafrien, Mie Raja Lawak and Azrel Ismail.

Synopsis Laki Laki 2013 movie

The film is about five people who end up stuck on an isolated island. Razak, who still lives with his mother, was a cartoonist but his company went bankrupt and he lost his job. Abu is an excellent chef but he lost his girlfriend and his business to a so-called best friend. Azman was a famous football (soccer) player but was dismissed due to lack of self-discipline. Samad was an arrogant film director whose film has just flopped. Jerry is a singer who left his band to go solo only to realise he is nothing alone. The five decided to sign up for a motivational camp but an accident happens and they end up stranded on an isolated Island.

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