La Tahzan : Jangan Bersedih 2013 Movie

La Tahzan Jangan Bersedih Movie

La Tahzan : Jangan Bersedih Movie 2013

La Tahzan : Jangan Bersedih 2013 Movie Plot

Viona and her friends arrive in Kansai, Osaka, for a study and part-time work program in Japan. Viona meets Yamada, a freelance photographer who understands Indonesian. This makes Viona, who feels lonely in Japan, happy. They become close friends, until one day, Yamada, out of sudden, proposes to her and even states that he is willing to convert his religion. On the day of Yamada’s conversion, Viona remembers her time in Indonesia, when a mother asked her to find her son Hasan, who is also a dear friend to Viona. Hasan, who has been distancing himself from Viona and his family, finally left them with so many questions. With Yamada’s help, Viona finally finds Hasan in Osaka.

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La Tahzan : Jangan Bersedih 2013 Details

Directed by Danial Rifki
Produced by Frederica
Written by Jujur Prananto (screenplay), Ellnovianty Nine (short story, Pelajar Setengah TKI)
Starring Atiqah Hasiholan, Ario Bayu, Joe Taslim, Nobuyuki Suzuki, Piet Pagau, Dewi Irawan, Prilly Latuconsina and Erly Ashy.
Music by Ricky Lionardi
Cinematography by Yoyok Budi Santoso
Editing by Yoga Krispratama
Studio : Falcon Pictures
Running time : 98 minutes
Genre : Drama Romantic
Country : Indonesia
Language : Indonesian

La Tahzan : Jangan Bersedih 2013 Trailer

OST La Tahzan : Jangan Bersedih 2013

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