KL Zombi 2013 Movie

Zizan Razak Kl Zombi

KL Zombi Movie Poster

KL Zombi 2013 Movie is another adaptation from a novel ‘Zombijaya’ by Adib Zaini. The novel itself is inspired by AMC’s television drama series “The Walking Dead”. Review about the novel can be read at goodreads.com – link.

KL Zombi Movie Plot

KL Zombi is a story of five friends who each have their own dreams and hopes of a better life in the city. But those lofty ambitions come to a screeching halt when a deadly virus outbreak turns its inhabitants into zombies. Its main character, Nipis, played by Zizan Razak, has to put his life on the line in order to save himself and his friends from being infected by the virus.

source : nuffnang

KL Zombi Details

Genre: Action / Comedy / Horror
General Release Date: August 29 2013
Running Time: 1 Hour 37 Minutes
Distributor: Primeworks Studios
Cast: Zizan Razak, Siti Saleha, Iedil Putra, Zain Hamid, Azhan Rani, Izara Aishah
Director: Ming Jin

KL Zombi Official Trailer

KL Zombi Interview

KL Zombi Sneak Peek

KL Zombi Photo Set

Zizan Razak

Zizan Razak as Nipis in KL Zombi

Iedil Putra

Iedil Putra as Kamarul in KL Zombi

Khir Rahman Ogy

Khir Rahman and Ogy Ahmad Daud in KL Zombi Movie

ZIzan Razak Zombi

Nur Atiqah as Lisa and Zizan Razak as Nipis fight with Zombi

Siti saleha zizan razak

Siti Saleha as Nora and Zizan Razak as Nipis in KL Zombi Movie 2013

Izara Aishah KL Zombi

Izara Aishah as Anna in KL Zombi 2013 Movie

Faezah Elai

Faezah Elai as Sofia in KL Zombi Movie

Zain Hamid

Zain Hamid as Alif in KL Zombi Movie

source : facebook official KL Zombi

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