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Highland Tower will be in cinema on October 31 2013. The movie is direct by Pierre Andre

Highland Tower directed by Pierre Andre is an upcoming horror footage movie about group of production team making documentation at Highland Tower – collapse two decades ago. The movie starring by Shima Anuar, Mikail Andre, Adibah Yunus, Atikah SUhaime, Niezam Zaidi and Eddy Rauf.

Highland Tower Movie Details

Release Date: 31 Oct 2013
Language: Malay
Country: Malaysia
Genre: Horror
Running Time: 85 minutes
Director: Pierre Andre
Cast: Atikah Suhaime, Shima Anuar, Mikail Andre, Niezam Zaidi, Adibah Yunus, Eddy Rauf.

Synopsis Highland Tower Movie 2013

Mika and Nizam had the idea to make a short documentation in a horror place where they will make cover shooting in a building called Highland Tower. With the help from MIG production Mika and Nizam managed to secure funding the production because they are interested with the idea presented by Mika and Nizam. The production has also increased the Mika and Nizam to be seven where Edy, Shima ,Anuar, and Atikah would join them. Awaited day has come they finally managed to cover in highland tower. On the first night enough to make Mika and Nizam’s team felt horror. Many kinds of strange events occur. There are those who heard the defeaning sound through the earphone. Then, camera lights suddenly go out. Another shocked thing, Shima lost and hidden by someone. Mika and Nizam’s team felt bad and they were looking to find Shima. After the incident, they all left the Highland Tower and there are things that have following them. source – gsc

The lead character of the film is Shima, a televisyen host. Shima wants to create a documentary about paranormal activities, and chooses the tragic yet popular location of Highland Towers in Taman Hillview, Hulu Kelang, which collapsed two decades ago. While filming at night, Shima begins to see various beings and objects that are not there on location in her camera. source – cinema

Highland Tower Official Teaser Trailer

Shima Anuar Interview

Adiba Yunus Keek Video

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