Grandpa Over Flower : Korean Variety Show

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Grandpa Over Flower : Variety Show

About Grandpa Over Flower

“Grandpas over Flowers” is a variety show from ex-1 Night 2 Days PD, Na Young Suk PD and is his first project since leaving KBS for TvN in early 2013. The cast is a list of some of the most veteran and well respected actors in the industry featuring names such as Lee Soon Jae, Shin Gu, Park Geun Hyun and Baek Il Sub while also featuring the charismatic Lee Seo Jin as their porter.

These grandpa are called H4 instead of F4 – the H stands for “Halbi,” or the cutesy Korean way of saying Halabeoji (grandfather). The first episode is in Paris, France, where the cast meets each other and spends their first night together. The grandpas range in age from 69-80 except for Leo Seo Jin.

This is more alike to Dad Where are we Going but they are using grandpa here. The only one I know from the cast is Park Geun Hyun. He is still active in acting.

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grandpa over flower korean variety

Grandpa Over Flower (H4) at France

First Season of Grandpa Over Flower

“Grandpas Over Flower’s” first backpacking trip is through the continent of Europe with their first location being the lovely country of France. The first episode showed the members having their first meeting and then their first night in the city of Paris.

In terms of ratings, while 4.15% may not appear amazing at first glance, we have to remember that this is on a cable channel where 1% ratings are considered to be good and anything over 3% to be a great success. So to see the show start off with 4.15% is an amazing achievement.

I only watch a few episode and the show is not pretty bad. It has funny moment and we get to see Europe. It is also interesting to see how they backpacking in the France – me wanted to do so too. Watch the first season online with english subtitle at Mineememe Site – Link.

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Grandpa Over Flower Variety show

Shin Gu, Park Geun Hyun and Baek Il Sub in Grandpa Over Flower

Second Season of Grandpa Over Flower

not much information but they going to Taiwan to filming and they greet by lots of fan there. In first season, only a few people/student greet them at the airport. Sunny also appear as a guest star on second season after the PD trick Lee Seo Jin (continue as porter in season 2) about Sunny involvement in first episode season 1.

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(image of cast at airport)

Grandpa Over Flower

Lee Seo Jin as Young Porter in the series

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