Dampak Malaysia Movie 2013

dampak movie 2013

Dampak Movie Poster

About Dampak Malaysia Movie 2013

Dampak is Malaysia Movie produced by OPS Pictures and directed by Lai Yok Lung. The movie is star by Aaron Aziz, Farid Kamil, Scha Al-Yahya, Intan Ladyana and Julianna Evans. Dampak will be release in cinema on September 19 2013. I posted on Dampak trailer and the making of this movie here before.

Dampak 2013 Movie Story Line

“Dampak” tells the story of five brothers, who are raised by a martial arts master in the village who teaches them his skills so that when they are older, they will be able to help him seek revenge on his archenemy who resides in the city. The time soon comes, and the five brothers travel to the city, but are they truly prepared for what’s about to come?

Dampak 2013 Movie Trailer

The Making of Dampak Movie

Dampak Movie Filming

aaron aziz scha alyahya

Aaron Aziz and Scha Al-Yahya in Dampak Movie

aaron aziz

Aaron Aziz in Dampak 2013 Movie

farid kamil aaron aziz

Farid Kamil and Aaron Aziz in Dampak Movie

michael chin farid kamil

Michael Chin and Farid Kamil in Dampak

Dampak Malaysia Movie 2013 Star

farid kamil

Farid Kamil

intan ladyana

Intan Ladyana

aaron aziz

Aaron Aziz

michael chin

Michael Chin

juliana evans

Juliana Evans

scha alyahya

Scha Alyahya

wan hanafi su

Wan Hanafi Su

yank kassim

Yank Kassim

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