Bisikan Syaitan – Malaysia Horror Film

bisikan syaitan poster

Bisikan Syaitan Movie Details :

Director : Faizul A. Rashid
Cast : Fizz Fairuz, Nabila Huda, Wan Sharmilla, Azam Pitt,
Genre : Horror
Runtime : 82 minutes
Language : Malay
Release Date : 02 May 2013
Official Facebook : Bisikan Syaitan page ( check out the filming shoot and more )

Bisikan Syaitan Plot Storyline :
A desperate and poor couple, Kamil (Fizz Fairuz) & Soraya (Nabila Huda), motivated by greed and lust for material and spiritual wealth, is forced to make a pact with the devil which involves certain forbidden rituals. But when Soraya is caught by the police and implicated in a murder, Kamil must build a strong case against the prosecutors and race against time to save her from certain death. source:cinema

Bisikan Syaitan Trailer :

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