Bencinta 2013 Malaysia Movie

Bencinta 2013 Malaysia Movie Plot

“Bencinta”, which is actually derived from the words “benci” and “cinta” in Malay, translated to hate and love, respectively. The film tells the story of a newly wedded couple whose relationship sours when Faizal, the rich husband, begins having affairs and turns abusive. Trapped in the destructive marriage due to conservative societal values, Fathia runs away to Langkawi and takes refuge with her best friend. Before they realise it, the two fall in love, but Fathia first has to deal with her husband.

Genre: Romance
General Release Date: September 26 2013
Distributor: Metrowealth
Cast: Farid Kamil (as Faizal), Nora Danish (as Fathia), Qi Razali (as Shah) Fezrul Khan, Zalif Sidek (as Amin) and Uqasha Senrose (as Liya)
Director: Eyra Rahman
Producer : Major David Teo

Ost BenCinta Movie

Title : Benci Cinta
Sing by : Amandan Amani
Composer and Lyric : NorZaidi Abdul Rahman

The Making Of BenCinta Movie

Photo of Bencinta Movie 2013

bencinta 2013 movie premiere

Zalif Sidek, Uqasha Senrose and Fezrul Khan at Bencinta Movie Premiere

bencinta movie 2013

Farid Kamil, Nora Danish and Qi Razali : lead cast in Bencinta Movie

crew and cast bencinta 2013

Director; Eyra Rahman, Uqasha Senrose, Major David Teo, Zalif Sidek & Fezrul Khan.

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