Autumn Di Hatiku Episode 1-8

Autum Di Hatiku Episode 1

Hanez Suraya and Ezzaty Abdullah in Autumn Di Hatiku

Autumn Di Hatiku Kim Jin Sung

Kim Jin Sung in Autumn Di Hatiku 2013 Drama

Nina (Hanez Suraya) and Jaja (Ezzaty Abdullah) is two best friends who are in love with korean stuff like the dramas, songs and celebrity. Nina especially learn the language and fall in love with one Korean guy named Park Autumn (Kim Jin Sung). Nina always having dreams about Park Autumn and one day he show up in her shop. Because of shyness, her co-worker is the one who always served Park Autumn.

Zidick (Aiman Hakin Redza) who also working at Nina’s shop is fluent with Korean language. Nina asked him to teach her talking in korean, but what will happened when Zidick also fall for her? The love triangle between these three started and worst in episode 6, because Nina is so shy to meet Kim Jin Sung. Jaja instead show up as Nina.

Autum Di Hatiku Malaysia Drama

Aiman Hakim Ridza and Hanez Suraya in Autumn Di Hatiku

The dramas is in 28 episode – each episode only last 3-5 minutes. I think this is first time, a korean working together in Malaysia drama. The series is pretty good, but the pace is too fast and the meeting between Nina and Kim Jung Sung is making Nina looks like she desperate. However, I love what they doing with Zidick and Nina relationship, they slowly build up the tension between this two.

The two support character is also good. Ezzaty Abdullah doing great as Nina best friend, just hope she did helped her. Anas as Kai just appear now and then, not much to say about him.

Autumn Di Hatiku 2013

Hanez Suraya and Kim Jin Sung In Autumn DI Hatiku

Actor and Character in Autumn Di Hatiku :

Autum Di Hatiku Hanez Suraya

Hanez Suraya as Nina

Autmn Di Hatiku Aiman Hakim Redza

Aiman Hakim Redza as Zidick

Autumn Di Hatiku Ezzaty Abdullah

Ezzaty Abdullah as Jaja

Autumn DI HAtiku Anas Mentor

Anas Mentor as Kai

Autumn Di Hatiku Kim Jin SUng

Kim Jin Sung as Autumn

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