1 Lawan Satu 2013 Malaysian Movie

1 Lawan Satu Malaysia Movie

1 Lawan Satu Poster

1 Lawan Satu Plot : Two fighter – Radhi and Saleh with different background come to one arena fought for their sister life. Radhi has to save her sister and need money to pay for treatment meanwhile Saleh has to fight to avoid her sister from being sold as prostitute. Their middle man using this to making money from the super fighter arena. Hailed as the Malaysian version of “The Raid”, “1 Lawan Satu” is a gritty, down and dirty action flick featuring a number of legit fighters and an approach that blends traditional martial arts with street brawling.

1 Lawan Satu Movie Trailer

Classification: 18
Genre: Action
General Release Date: 27 Jun 2013
Running Time: 1 Hour 23 Minutes
Distributor: Metrowealth
Cast: Mohd Mikail Andre b Nazrul Andre, Fyza Kadir, Along Eyzendy
Director: Pierre Andre

Mikael Andre

Mikael Andre as Radhi in 1 Lawan Satu

Azlan komeng

Azlan Komeng in Satu Lawan 1 Movie

Fyza kader

Fyza Kader as Nora in Satu Lawan Satu movie

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  1. bongok mana video dia

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