The Haunting of Helena movie review

Hello. Me and my friend get to watch this movie last night. We plan to watch the movie starring by Nicolas Cage called Left Behind cause my friend is huge fan of Nicolas Cage and I actually want to watch Kill the Messenger star by Jeremy Renner. However, the showtimes is completely irrelevant with our schedule – so we decide to watch The Haunting of Helena movie.

The movie have a good story line actually. I like the early part of the movie because it is creepy. Mother and daughter moving to the new house, the idea of tooth fairy, even the creepiest neighbor. However, after the encounter with the “haunting me tooth” ghost – the movie turn into slow pacing. They did answer lots of question from early part though. The twist at the end is good but nothing great coming out of it. For me, it has a bad ending.

the haunting of helena

The haunting of Helena poster!

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Forever ABC new series is really Good!

Hello. I am trying to start blogging again and first entry is about my interest to a new show called ‘Forever’. It is air on ABC and already in fifth episode, i hope it will not get cancel because of the low rating. The show pilot started good with the background of the main character, Henry who is ‘immortal’. He cannot died and after 200 years he becoming an expert of death. He works as Medical Examiner at NYPD – of course is it police drama, what do you expect! It’s US TV show.

But I like the cast a lot and the storyline is good, except for episode 4 – ‘The art of murder’. That’s kind of blow my interest a little bit but episode 5 get a good storyline. I like the difference the two era and as immortal man, Henry really knew how to tell the story to keep it classy.

“Every generation likes to think they’re improving upon the last. That progress is inevitble. That the future holds less misery and suffering than the past. But the truth is, some things never change. History has a way of repeating itself. It’s just, most people don’t live long enough to see it happen”

-One of Henry Morgan (Main character) quotes.

henry and abe

Ioan Gruffurd as Henry Morgan and Judd Hirsch as Abe. I love the relationship between this two guys. Henry is adorkable and Abe is full of irony.

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Noragami – One of The Best Anime in 2014

I just finished the last three episode of Noragami last night and dare I say it is one of the best anime in 2014. The storyline keep my interest, the character developing well from each episode and the animation is great!

noragami character

Noragami – three different types of people formed a formidable relationship.

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