Snapshot : Baby Steps Anime Episode 2 & 3

I love this anime! The way the series flow is flawless. We can see how and why the main character falling for Tennis. Eiichiro Maruo is untypical main character, he does not have ‘special ability’, maybe in taking note if you want to count that. However, he has this perfectionist personality that making him determine to do something in the right way, and this include tennis.

eiichiro maruo wallpaper

Eiichiro Maruo is not a typical main character. He do not have any goal in tennis and just playing it for exercise at first.

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Trailer : Stand By Me Doraemon 2014 3D Movie

Stand By Me Doraemon 2014 gonna bring tears to lots of people because the movie gonna follow the last moment between Doraemon and Nobita. Watch the trailer here;

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Plot : Kasih Berbisik 2014 Drama TV3 Lestary Slot

Primeworks Studios and MediaCorp Eaglevision will produce new drama on TV3 entitled “Kasih Berbisik”. The drama starring by Keith Foo, Nora Danish and Tasha Shila from Malaysia; Hisyam Hamid and Nurul Aini from Singapore; and Isti Ayu Pratiwi from Indonesia. This is the second drama I heard combining actor from various country after Kusinero Cinta (Jericho Rosales and Aaron Aziz in one drama).

keith foo atikah suhaime

Keith Foo and Atikah Suhaime in upcoming new drama ‘Kasih Berbisik’.

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Press Release : NCIS Season 11 ‘The Last Three Episode’

NCIS season 11 only left with three episode. The season started with departure of Ziva David, the introduction of new character NCIS agent Ellie Bishop, McGee’s girlfriend Delilah, their biggest enemy – Parsa and lots of interesting case. Here is the press release of the the last three episode;

cast and crew ncis season 11

“Our entire cast and crew of #NCIS starting our last episode of Season 11″. Post by Pauley Perrette in her twitter.

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